eytys summer cruise collection 2018

The collection is an ode to the French post-impressionist painter Henri Rousseau (1844-1910). Rousseau was a self-taught painter who never saw the actual jungles and most of the environments himself, instead he dreamt it all up. It’s Henri Rousseaus naive, dreamlike way of painting that set the tone for the Summer Cruise collection. Elements and vivid colors from his paintings have been picked up on the collection of 6 classic Eytys sneakers.

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the Summer Cruise collection and Mother turns 5

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Mother turns 5
Video by Madeleine Richter & Martina Rohdin, music by Theo Richter.
Summer Cruise collection
Video by Ida Jonsson, Anna-Emilija Salonen, Danial Ali & Alvin Marelius, make-up by Martin Sundqvist, styling by Patrik Salmi,
music by Max Williams, with models Toussaint Ishimwe and Sara Salah from Nisch Management.

In collaboration with Berghs School of Communiocation and Chimney Group