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these colors don't run

These Colors Don’t Run is a portrait of New York and the American dream, a way of showing why we should welcome diversity and the beauty it brings instead of building walls.

The publication combines a rich photo essay of the streets of New York alongside essays from three New York writers, about the creativity, loneliness, togetherness, and diversity that are emblematic of our shared global capital.

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Photography: Robert Lindholm
Styling: Martina Almquist
Casting: Trevor Swain
Texts: Kaitlin Philips, Michael J. Bullock & Cody Delistraty
Models: Ace, Eddy LeRoy Jr., Isabella Enrico, Isaiah Browne, Jada-Renee Bland, Jamant Hanshaw,
Joline Nunes, Kyle Gayle, Marcel Pawlas, Stefany Lazar, Tierra Monét, Trevor Swain, Yun Gao