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Continuous care of your shoes will prolong the lifespan of them. Sneakers and sartorial shoes have different needs, and different kind of materials also have different needs. 

Your shoes will last longer if you don’t wear the same shoes everyday. If you can, give them a day off every other day - this will prolong their vitality. 

When not wearing your shoes, avoid keeping them close to radiators or other heat sources as the heat will dry out rubber and leather. If you know you will not use your shoes for a while, insert a shoe tree so they keep their shape, and store them safely, away from direct sunlight. 

We don’t under any circumstances recommend washing EYTYS shoes in the washing machine, there are other ways to care for your favorites:
EYTYS x Sneaker LAB sneaker wipes
These are safe to use on all materials and colors. Wipe the dirty areas of the sneaker with the wipe until the motion creates foam and the dirt dissolves. Wipe away the excessive foam and let air-dry.
Shoe horn
Always use a shoe horn when putting our sartorial shoes on in order to not strain them. In fact, using a shoehorn when putting your sneakers on is not a bad idea either. Insert shoe trees when the shoes are not worn.
We highly recommend using our sneaker wipes, a damp cloth to rub gently with lukewarm water and mild soap, or a fabric shampoo. Note that after cleaning your canvas shoes, you always need to let your footwear dry in the open air to make sure no rings appear.
Velvet is a durable fabric. Abrasion and wear can cause the velvet to shed some of its fibers – this is the character of velvet. You can vacuum and brush velvet, and our sneaker wipes also work on velvet.
Wool is a resilient and elastic fabric, made of natural fibers. We recommend treating your new shoes with water repellent spray to make them more resistant to dirt and poor weather conditions. This will also help to preserve the shape of your shoes.
Suede is the reverse side of leather and is sensitive to water and dirt. Before using your new suede shoes, we recommend you spray them with a water repellent spray to make them more resistent to dirt and poor weather conditions. Note that the color will deepen slightly, but this is absolutely normal. The best way to clean suede is to brush off dirt with a suede brush when they’re dry (do not use water, it is advisable to use a sneaker wipe).
Nubuck is similar to suede as it is the same side of the leather, but nubuck has been treated to withstand and repel dirt and water.
For leathers that have a soft, natural surface we recommend you spray them with a repellent spray before the first wear, or treat with wax in order to make the shoes more resistent to dirt and repellent to water, snow and humidity. This type of leather can also be restored and nourished with leather balms or specialized cream moisturizers, which also prevent the material from drying out and cracking. Dirt can be brushed off when dry, or you can use a damp cloth and gently wipe dirt away.

Leathers such as our shiny calf leather or patent leather are coated leathers – which means its natural surface is not exposed and so this type of leather does not absorb liquids. To clean it you can wipe it gently with a damp cloth. You can then buff the leather with a clean soft cloth. Finish off by applying a protective leather cream.

Avoid using cleaning products that contain alcohol on this type of leather, since this will take away the leather’s shininess.

The dust bag that comes with our sartorial shoes are designed so that it can be used to polish your shoes on the go.

Leather with a coated surface will get more visible creases from use since this leather does not recover in the same way as a softer leather with a natural surface. Hence, take extra care of this material.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact customer support and remember that the more you care for your shoes, the more wear you will get from them.